• Jamie Hankin

everything is for sale

I've been described as a poor salesman for my work, which in the light of honest reflection, is pretty true. I have these images that people like (ok, maybe they love them, but are reluctant to show it.) You/they would like to own them. I would like you to own them. The discomfort comes in the asking, how do I buy them, what's a fair price, how do I keep from insulting you or you from me? It's a problem that's been around since people first painted on cave walls and their neighbors asked them to paint a buffalo in their den too.

How then do we do this? We communicate. You ask, I answer. My feelings aren't hurt if you say no. Can we trade or barter? Sure. Can we negotiate a price? Most people, I've found, are over-generous when left to decide the value of art on their own, but sure, let's negotiate.

Things only have value, if they have value to you. Art is a prime example of something that is at once valueless and priceless given certain circumstances. I'm flattered when you decide you want an image of mine on your wall. Talk to me, I can make a buffalo for your very own.

Wild Mushrooms, 2018

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