• Jamie Hankin

I need this.

I'll bet you do too. There are so many voices out there, so many opinions, so much noise and propaganda and yet, sometimes, it can feel like we're all alone. Everyone's talking, but is anyone listening?

A blog seems like the modern equivalent of putting a message in a bottle and throwing it in the ocean, the ultimate expression of hope that someone, somewhere will find you. I'm OK with that. Some hope is better than no hope.

I want to help. I think I can. I need help. I'm sure you can. Now, we just have to start.

So, I'll post pictures I like, stories I think are worthwhile, links that might be helpful and if you want, we can talk about pictures and projects and exchange ideas in an atmosphere of collegiality and support. Right now, it's a broadcast. Hopefully, it will become a community.

March 28th, number 4

Thanks for looking!

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